Mgr. art. Achilleas Sdoukos

Born on March 8th , 1985 in Bratislava.


2004 - 2008 School of Applied Arts of Josef Vydra in Bratislava

–design and wood carving

2008 - 2010 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

– Studio of glass artwork under the academic sculptor V. Oravec

2010 - 2013 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

– Sculpture, Object, Installation under the academic sculptor J. Hoffstädter

His mother is Slovak and his father is Greek; starting in his childhood, he has been constantly travelling between central Europe and the Balkans. Greek mythology, nature, music and technology are unlimited sources of inspiration for him. Achilleas‘ artwork reflects manual skill, eye for detail and desire to discover. He presents the viewer with aesthetical emotion towards the artwork as well as functional design solutions with added value. Each of his objects is a bright flash, which opens the door to imagination and allws us to dream of a world without boundaries.


greek mythology / nature / technology / music

Look inside a glass for a minute
You will discover everything in it: from a mirror to the bottom of a swiftly flowing river. You will discover the eyes of an unknown beauty, but also her tears and flowing hair, you will see a part of some myth which reminds you of something.

Glass has an unexpected ability to create emotions and is the most natural „relative“ of light. Together, they can create unexpected moments and in each moment, it seems that something new is being born, which has the ability to influence our imagination.

These are the beautiful moments of design that never grow old. Walkthrough antique shops, churches, look into various cases and you will find out – glass never grows old. Its design has a wonderful ability to go through time and always offer a new experience.

Kamil Peteraj

Mom and Son
they have a lot in common and at the same time they are also a unique expression of two individual creative concepts that live their own inner life.

In mutual cooperation they realize exhibition and interior projects where glass and painting on canvas support each other.

2018 Tatranský dóm, A. Bakoš/A.Sdoukos, Hrebienok, Starý Smokovec, Slovensko
2018 Večer s múzami, Audi centrum, Bratislava,Slovensko*
2018 Krehká krása, MIELE Center STOPKA, Bratislava, Slovensko
2018 Trójsky poklad, Slovenský inštitút, Viedeň, Rakúsko *
2018 Trojský poklad, Slovenský inštitút, Praha, Česká republika *
2017 Tatranský dóm, A. Bakoš/A.Sdoukos, Hrebienok, Starý Smokovec, Slovensko
2017 Krehká krása, Savoy Gallery. Bratislava, Slovensko *
2016 Tatranský dóm, A. Bakoš/A.Sdoukos, Hrebienok, Starý Smokovec, Slovensko
2016 Cristal Gallery, FIS SKI World Cup Jasná, Slovensko
2016 Maľba a sklo, Slovenský inštitút, Rím, Taliansko *
2015 Diamonds International Corporations, Bratislava , Slovensko
2013 Sklo a anjeli, Slovenský inštitút, Moskva, Rusko
2013 Metamorfózy, Rezidencia OECD, Paríž, Francúzsko*
2012 Metamorfózy, Galéria Palissandros, Patras, Grécko
2011 Metamorfózy, Galéria Epaskt, Atény, Grécko
2011 Brufuli, Pálffyho palác spolu s P. Ďurišom a T. Ondrouškom, Bratislava, Slovensko
2010 Všetko je inak, Galéria Fontána, Piešťany, Slovensko *
2009 Štvrtý rozmer, Bratislava, SCWP, Slovensko
2016 Výtvarné paralely XV. Galéria Silencium, Čačak, Srbsko
2015 Stretnutie, Galéria Slovenského rozhlasu, Bratislava, Slovensko
2015 Slovensko – rakúska obchodná komora, Schloss Hof, Rakúsko
2014 Česko – ruská obchodná komora, Karlove Vary, Česko
2013 5. moskovské bienále, Múzeum dekoratívnych umení, Moskva, Rusko
2011 Výtvarné paralely X, Galéria Silencium, Bratislava. Slovensko
2011 International Artists Meeting, Karatay Univerzity, Konya, Turecko
2011 Ekofestival. Technopolis, Atény, Grécko
2010 Ateliér + - Sklo, Galéria Nova, Bratislava, Slovensko
2009 Galéria Toš, ostrov Krk, Chorvátsko
2011 Medzinárodné výtvarné sypózium IFAS, Konya Karatay Univerzity, Konya, Turecko
2011 Medzinárodné sympózium Art and Paper, Čačak, Srbsko
2010 Medzinárodné maliarske sympózium, Prolom Banja, Srbsko
* Exhibitions with Ingrid Zámečníková