Give art and be unique!

Finding a good present is an art. However, a perfect gift can not only lift the mood, but also improve the relationship. It could compensate for the wrongdoing or simply remind the loved one that you care. Psychologists have been fascinated with gifting for a long time because the choice of the gift is the window to many other important human traits: it points out how we see others, how we attribute value to things, and reveals our decision-making abilities and our empathy.

Of course, the most common moment we give gifts are birthdays and holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or Mother's Day. But there are many more reasons to endow someone. Also popular are presents for various anniversaries, graduations, weddings, or gifts that you can send or give as a thank you, whether to your loved ones or business partners.

In our Achilleas Glass Art & Design studio you will find all kinds of gifts mentioned above. You can be inspired by countless interesting combinations of glass and precious metals that create unique gifts for every occasion or age category. In case you do not find anything on our website or in our catalogue that would interest you, or if you simply have your own idea of the gift, we will design it for you! The most common motifs used in our atelier include variations of glass hearts of different colours and sizes; zodiac signs; reliefs with motifs of owl, fish or other animals; bowls, vases, wall clocks, and anything else that would specify you or the recipient. Fantasy has no limitations!

Achilleas Sdoukos is the author of many unique presents such as the Cross given from the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Peter Pellegrini to Pope Francis in Vatican, as well as gifts given on other diplomatic missions or on the occasion of politicians´ birthdays in Slovakia and abroad; among other celebrities Achilleas made gifts for the famous Slovak tennis star Dominika Cibulková or Czech singer Helenka Vondráčková.

Be unique and give glass!

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us by email or visit our studio in Koliba, Bratislava.