New atelier at Koliba

Over the years, the family art studio of Achilleas Sdoukos and Ingrid Zamečníková expanded and developed. The growing number of clients, new works of art, increasing number of orders, ambition of professional presentation, or need of bigger and luxurious space for events – all those facts slowly led to the replacement of the old studio for a new glass complex in a beautiful location at Koliba.

“When I was a child I loved walking around Greek monuments, one of my favourite temples was the one in Delphi called Tholos. It is a temple with a circular floor plan and I wished for an atelier with the similar architecture and composition. My dream came true!” says Achilleas.

The new studio is located in unique premises of the former restaurant Casablanca in Bratislava, which deteriorated for almost 10 years. After a year of reconstruction, these premises were transformed into a three-storey luxury atelier. The atelier itself is extended with new machines, equipment and technologies that are an integral part of the glassmaking industry. Among other things, a new melting oven has been added in the new studio, which enables us to fulfil our clients' dreams and, with its largest size in Slovakia, offers the possibility to realize up to three-meter wide artworks or design elements from a single piece of glass.

The ground floor consists of a beautiful circular glass gallery full of interior design, paintings and glass sculptures that arouse the admiration of everyone, even the most demanding client. Every step of the way reveals new works of art. The atmosphere is enhanced by the green forest views in the summer, snowy tree branches in the winter, beautiful sunsets in the evening, or the natural sunlight flowing through the glass every day all year round. The gallery is also a venue where we plan to organize various social and private events, as well as unique corporate teambuildings for individuals, who wish to work in a creative environment.

In addition to the Ingrid Zámečníková painting studio and its large exhibition of paintings, the first floor also includes a showroom that is fully furnished with Achilleas Sdoukos’ artworks. This allows clients, architects and future partners to better visualize almost unlimited possibilities in interior design and glass utilities incorporated in the living room, dining room, kitchen, two separate bathrooms, meeting room, large arched corridor lined with paintings. The luxurious interior design in the bathrooms and across the building is complemented by Adriatikstone's Pakistani marble, which perfectly blends in with glass works. The atmosphere is enhanced by views of Bratislava Castle, Slavín and the Austrian Alps, all directly from the large terrace.

Still hesitating whether you should visit our atelier or start working with us? Book your visit at and Achilleas Sdoukos will guide you through the studio and the process of art creation himself.

We are looking forward to show you around.