night with muses

The opening of the exhibition Evening with muses or also the Meeting of three muses of Achilleas Sdoukos, Ingrid Zámečníková and Ján Ďurovčík was held in Audi Centrum Bratislava on 15.11.2018. The main event of the program was a dance performance by the dancers of the Slovak Dance Theatre, who were inspired by the mermaid from our studio

A part of the evening was the launch of the new title page of the magazine TRENDY LIVING together with the director of Crystal Wing Awards Katarína Srkala and choreographer Ján Ďurovčík. In the newest issue, you can read a short article about Achilleas and his work.

We are happy that there are people with generous hearts. Thanks to them, we were able to auction our artwork for 7 200 €. This money will be donated to the organization Deťom s rakovinou n.o..