Achilleas Sdoukos

In his studio Achilleas Art Glass & Design, he focuses mainly on interior design, free glass sculpture and object. In the interaction of processes from the design itself to its completion, his objects become a part of something magical. Through his sensitive perception, he transforms glass into art installation and by utilizing design elements, opens our perception to new sceneries, which move the boundaries of glass utilization. He is also a successful author of glass solitaires, plaques, awards and sports trophies. He has a rich art program and his artwork is part of many collections and private and public interiors, at home and abroad.

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greek mythology / nature / technology / music

Glass is history, presence and future, it is a substance that inspires me and leaves a sense of inexhaustible perfection in me.
Glass is my Muse.

Only those roads lead forward in which a person is willing to experiment.

Kamil Peteraj